The OKR-T10 can be difficult to solder seeing as how multiple connections need to be made to some of the same pins which are very close together, this breakout board makes assembling an OKR-T10 passthrough mod a breeze.

Onboard Components (does NOT include the OKR-T10)

R14.7 kOhm1206
R2220 Ohm1206

NOTE: This breakout board is not intended for a battery powered mod, several components were omitted like the zenner diode for low voltage cut-off and the p-fet for reverse polarity protection which are not needed in a passthrough mod.

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OKR-T10 Passthrough Breakout Board

  • Brand: Analog Box Mods
  • Product Code: OKR-T10PassthroughBreakoutBoard
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  • $6.00 CAD

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