The Varitube VT510 V2 is here!  A Bullet Proof Connector:

- NO Need to disassemble for soldering
- NO Threaded insulators to strip
- NO max wire gauge restrictions
- Solder before or after installation

Ultra low profile shoulder, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid and secure installation.  

Made of Stainless, Brass, & High Temp insulating material this connector is perfect for box mods and the discerning modder!  

Note: Properly adjust the T-Nut by loosening or tightening it such that the small pin is flush with the bottom of the slot in the T-Nut on the bottom of the connector ... This allows the top insulator to properly adjust and seat with the Atomizer providing smooth operation.  Pre-loading the spring with an over tightened T-Nut may result in 'ratchety' movement while installing an atomizer ... Adjust the T-Nut prior to soldering!

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Varitube VT 510 v2

  • Brand: Varitube
  • Product Code: VT510v2
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $9.00 CAD