Most existing 2x18650 battery sleds need to be modified to fit inside Hammond 1590G enclosure leaving enough room for the other components.

This custom 3D printed dual 18650 battery sled will fit in the 1590G without requiring modification (of the sled) and leaves plenty of room for the rest of the components.

Because one of the bottom screw posts needs to be removed regardless which dual battery sled you use, this sled has a built in magnet mount where the screw post was so you still have all 4 magnets holding the lid securely.

This sled is available with clear marking for either series or parallel batteries. 

Note: 3D printing uses "thermoplastics" which become malleable at fairly low temperatures.  In this case we use ABS and while the actual printing temperature is high (~230c/446F) it will start to soften at a much lower temp, (~90c/194F).  A soldering iron gets much hotter than that and it is important that you remove the battery clips/terminals from the sled when you solder your lead wires to avoid damaging/warping/melting the channel that hold the battery clips in place. 

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Custom 3D Printed Dual 18650 Battery Sled

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