3D printed board mounting bracket for the DNA 75, 200, 250,  there are several variations of the board mount depending on which enclosure, actuators, and mounting style you plan to use. 

Mounting Type

  • Internal
    The board mount is installed using epoxy from inside the enclosure, no visible screw mounting holes on the front of the enclosure.  M1.6 x 8mm screws are included for this mounting method.
  • External
    The board mount is installed using screws holes through the front of the enclosure for easier removal of the board in case of repairs.  M1.6 x 10mm screws are included for this mounting method and a 3D printed drill template.


  • ATI Type1
    Used for the Alpinetech "type 1" enclosures where the onboard fire button is used via a 8mm actuator.
  • ATI Type2
    Used for the Alpinetech "type2" enclosures where an 12mm external fire button is used.
  • ATI P
    Specifically designed for use with the Alpinetech P+ enclosure.  This is a "type 1" enclosure which uses the 8mm actuator/onboard fire button but this board mounting bracket is more minimal with special cutouts to accommodate the extreme tolerances required for this particular enclosure.

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DNA Board Mounting Bracket

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