A versatile enclosure can be used with various lipos, 2x18650's or 1x18650/20700 + squonk for the DNA 75/250 boards.  Precision milled 6061 aluminium, no lean.  Optimized to reduce wasted space and still make for an easy build.

External dimensions: 88mm x 60mm x 28mm

Internal dimensions: 84mm x 56mm x 24mm


  • 4x 4mm x 3mm magnets (lid)
  • 4x 6mm x 2mm magnets (enclosure)
  • Actuators
  • DNA Board mounting bracket and screws

If you select the "external" board mount method and plan to drill the board mounting holes yourself, a 3D printed drill template will be included.

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ABM-2-DNA CNC Milled Aluminium Enclosure

  • $26.00 CAD

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