A custom built, fully assembled "VapeStation" to power "passthrough" vaping devices.

Sizing the PSU: The PSUs are shown with the following power ratings, "Total Power(Usable Power)".  Not all of the PSU's "Total Power" is available on the +12V rail, the "Usable Power" refers to the power rating of the +12V rail which is used to power the passthrough devices.

If you plan on powering X Ywatt passthrough devices then you should select a PSU that has (X x Y) watts of "Usable Power".  For example, if you plan on powering 2x DNA 250W devices, 2x250W = 500W, you should select a PSU with at least 500W of "Usable Power".

*This item is built upon order, built time can take up to 1 week.

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  • $110.00 CAD

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