About Us

A while back I decided to build a box mod, I was trying to quit smoking, I had tried vaping using a smaller device but found that it left me unsatisfied and thus reaching for a cigarette.  Since completing my first mod, I have not had a cigarette and can honestly say that I actually prefer the vape now!  I attribute 3 things to my success so far,

  1. Have multiple juices/flavors on hand.
    IMO, no 1 flavor is great for all occasions, while something fruity, candy or minty is great as an all day vape (ADV), those are kind of gross in the morning with a coffee or in the evening while drinking beer.  So I got different flavors for different occasions, something coffee/desert/cake flavor in the morning with my coffee, something fruity/candy/minty as an ADV and a tobacco flavor for when I'm having drinks.
  2. A more powerful vaping device!
    As a smoker, a proper "throat hit" and amount of vapor was important to me, sucking my brains out with the small vaping device and barely feeling the inhale is what left me unsatisfied and reaching for a real cigarette.  I'm by no means a "cloud chaser" who needs the most powerful device, I like to vape at ~20 to 30Watts which is still a significant increase from the ~5 to 11Watts those small commercial devices give you.
  3. Building my own mod.
    There was something special about the fact that I made the device... maybe similar to the act of a jedi needing to build his own lightsaber (heh), it was mine, I was proud to use it and show it off.  I also had a lot invested at this point, mostly time in researching box mods, what the individual parts do (why use a mosfet?), which parts are suitable, etc. I had more to lose by failing and thus more incentive to quit smoking.


The main reason I decided to start this website is that, as a Canadian, when I buy anything online I first try to find a Canadian seller mostly due to the shipping costs.  The individual parts are not expensive but after adding the shipping charges to Canada from multiple US or international retailers, you end up paying more in shipping than the actual parts are worth.

I guarantee that any (1) of our kits + shipping to Canada will be cheaper and faster than sourcing the parts yourself!  With few exceptions, I buy these parts in bulk and get reduced or free shipping which enables me to pass some of the savings onto you and still make a small profit.

Thanks for reading!